EPCOR Electricity Distribution Ontario Inc. – Water Main Cost Sharing Program


The Water Main Cost Sharing (WMCS) program offers rebates to developers that have land servicing agreements with the City of Edmonton. Funding is provided on a sliding scale to cover a portion of the costs of water mains between 300mm and 400mm in diameter.

Comments on Funding:

  1. A lineal rebate rate is applied for the appropriate pipe sizes based on the year of construction of the mains. These rebate rates are calculated at the start of construction every year to reflect material costs for that year;
  2. The contribution rates will be a fixed amount per lineal meter for approved 300mm, 350mm, and 400mm water mains, and are based on the estimated incremental material cost above a base cost for a 250mm main. There will be no reimbursement from EPCOR on valves, hydrants, services, other appurtenances or private mains.


  • Applicants must be companies who have executed land servicing agreements with the City of Edmonton are eligible for the WMCS program. These agreements must entail the construction of a public water distribution system which involves water mains and associated appurtenances.

Applications Steps:

Other Things to Note:

  1. The Water Main Cost Sharing (WMCS) program was approved in principle as part of the EPCOR Waterworks Bylaw 12585 in June 2001 by the City of Edmonton (since amended as EPCOR Water Services and Wastewater Treatment Bylaw 17698).
  2. The cost sharing rates in effect will be based on the Construction Year noted on Sheet B of the As-Built Quantities and Costs Report, and not the CCC Water Maintenance Start Date or the date the application is received by EPCOR. The calculated costs should be consistent with the rates effective at the time of the Construction Start Date.

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