Ontario Ministry of Finance – Ontario Focused Flow-Through Share Tax Credit


Ontario Focused Flow-Through Share Tax Credit is a refundable tax credit available to investors who have invested money in flow-through shares. A flow-through share is a type of investment, which takes place when individuals invest money in a corporation that agrees to spend their money on mining exploration in Ontario.

Comments on Funding:

The amount of this Ontario Ministry of Finance tax credit is 5% of the applicant’s share of the eligible Ontario exploration expenses incurred during the tax year.
The amount the applicant receives depends on the:

  1. number of shares purchased from a mining corporation;
  2. cost per share.


The applicants must:

  • have lived in Ontario on the last day of the tax year they are filing a return for;
  • have purchased eligible flow-through shares:
    a) after October 17, 2000;
    b) from a corporation that is permanently established in Ontario.

Applications Steps:

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit:

  1. the personal income tax and benefit return;
  2. the Ontario Credits form (ON479);
  3. the Ontario Focused Flow-Through Share Resource Expenses (Individuals) form (T1221);
  4. the credit certification documents they received from the mining exploration company. The certification documents should include either a:
    a) statement of Partnership Income (T5013);
    b) statement of Resource Expenses (T101).

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