Ontario Ministry of Finance – Tax Refund for a Power Take Off (2021)


The Government of Ontario provides a refund to businesses which paid tax on fuel used in Ontario to operate auxiliary power take off equipment. A power take off (PTO) operation refers to auxiliary equipment added to a licensed motor vehicle that uses clear diesel fuel, gasoline or propane from the vehicle’s fuel tank(s) to operate PTO equipment, such as: cement mixers, aerial buckets, lifts and cranes, refrigeration units, power vacuums, pumps and blowers.


Applicants must:

  • have the motor vehicle is licensed under the Highway Traffic Act, 
  • use the auxiliary equipment in Ontario,
  • have paid tax to Ontario in respect of the fuel used during the PTO operation.

Additional criteria:

  • the auxiliary equipment is powered using the same fuel tank that is used to power the motor vehicle
  • the power from the auxiliary equipment is not used to propel the motor vehicle
  • the motor vehicle is not principally used to transport passengers
  • the auxiliary equipment is not used for personal use, pleasure or recreation.

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must:

  • Submit an application
  • support their claim for a refund with accurate and verifiable records of your fuel purchases to support a PTO refund claim. Invoices must be receipted or attach other proof of payment such as copies of cancelled cheques or a statement of account.

If the total of all refunds claimed for a calendar year does not exceed $500, applicants do not need to send supporting records with their application. Please note that all the information relating to the refund must kept for seven years and be provided in the event of a ministry audit.

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