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Type of Program:



CanExport Innovation is designed to promote and enhance Canada’s international innovation efforts. The program, administered by the Global Affairs Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service, offers grants and contributions to Canadian organizations to assist them in establishing and formalizing new collaborative research and development (R&D) partnerships with foreign partners.

Comments on Funding:

Funding is up to 75% of eligible expenses, up to a maximum of $75,000 for any approved project.

Funding is provided on a cost-sharing basis between the recipient and CanExport Innovation. The applicant is responsible for the remaining 25% (in-kind contributions are not permitted).

The total amount of funding from all government sources must not exceed 75%.

When It Ends:

Accepting applications


Rolling deadline


The applicant must:

  • be Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises (for-profit companies with 499 or fewer full-time equivalent employees);
  • be Canadian academic institutions (recognized Canadian educational institutions dedicated to education and research);
  • be Canadian non-government research centres (research organizations that are not wholly or majority funded by the government).
  • be registered in Canada;
  • have a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) business number (unless they are Organizations registered on First Nations reserve lands);
  • own or co-own intellectual property rights (IP) for the technology featured in the application and/or have appropriate decision-making authority over the IP;
  • have a prototype for the technology and be at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 4 or higher, as per Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada guidelines;
  • intend to commercially launch the technology within 5 years;
  • demonstrate they have sufficient private revenues to cover 25% of costs for proposed activities. Additionally, applicants must demonstrate they have sufficient funds (or a credible plan to secure funds) from private and/or public sources to finance R&D work resulting from a collaborative R&D agreement.

The organization must not be funded entirely by Canadian government organizations (federal, provincial, territorial, municipal or Crown corporations).

Applications Steps:


familiarize themselves with the program details by reading the Applicant’s Guide;


request an up-to-date application package by contacting CanExport Innovation (;


get estimates and documentation to support proposed expenses;


submit a complete application at least 60 days before the start date of the first proposed activity. Completed application forms and all supporting documentation must be submitted by e-mail. 

Documentation Needed:

The applicant must submit:

  1. 1
     a completed Application Form, signed and dated,
  2. 2
    a completed Budget Form,
  3. 3
    copy of the applicant’s organization registration documents;
  4. 4
    a letter or email from each foreign partner:
  • expressing their interest to conduct virtual meetings on specific dates;
  • confirming their attendance at the event and their interest to meet during the event. For each activity where interpretation services are requested, applicants must provide written proof (letter or email) that foreign partners have agreed to meet on specific dates.
  1. 5
    proof that the event schedule includes B2B meetings, provided as a screen capture or a link to the event’s official website;
  2. 6
    written proof (letter or email) from each partner to whom items will be shipped confirming that they are interested in receiving these items;
  3. 7
    screen captures of registration fees, of the cost of the application fees, of the cost of the application fees for certification;
  4. 8
    quotes for:
  • funding requests over CAD $500, 
  • for shipping fees,
  • renting meeting rooms and, if included in the cost, audio/visual equipment in the destination market;
  • for the airfare amounts requested;
  • for local transportation for transit to and from airports, meetings and site visits (bus or train as an alternative to flying: quote for the equivalent economy airfare (straight route) and a quote for the bus or train fare; personal vehicle: MapQuest or Google Maps screen capture of the shortest available route; rental car: a quote for the rate of an economy class car in the destination market);
  1. 9
    proof of cost for single entry visa application in destination country.

Other Things to Note:

CanExport Innovation funding is available year-round. Applications may be submitted at any time.

If approved, activities must be completed within the same government fiscal year in which the application is approved. The Government of Canada’s fiscal year begins April 1 and ends on March 31 of the following calendar year. CanExport Innovation does not support projects that span across multiple fiscal years.

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Maurice (Moe) Muise learned the ins-and-outs of government while an employee of the Government of Canada in Ottawa for 10 years. His current focus is helping small businesses in Ontario to identify and maximize government grants to grow their business.
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