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Mitacs Globalink supports projects that help businesses strengthen their networks, develop partnerships, create joint ventures, and stay on top of global trends in their sector. Through this program, they can expand the reach of their business through bilateral collaborations with Canadian and international researchers. Globalink offers travel funding to students and post doctoral fellows between Canada and several international partners.

Comments on Funding:

Mitacs matches project funds, starting at $7,500 for a 16–24-week project.

When It Ends:



Rolling deadline


Applicants must be:

  • students and postdoctoral fellows at Canadian universities to do research abroad;
  • international students and postdoctoral fellows to do research at Canadian universities;
  • a home and host professor at a university in Canada and an institution affiliated with one of Mitacs’s international partners;
  • companies in Canada that can work with researchers from any institution in Mitacs’s international partners;
  • international Companies that can host interns or researchers from Canada.

Applications Steps:


For further details, applicants must connect with their nearest Mitacs representative,

Program Contact:

Globalink | Mitacs

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